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Tallinja Card

The Tallinja Card is a physical plastic card which can be used to travel on all public transport buses in Malta and Gozo. Including an on-demand bus service, the fast ferry services, the Barakka Lift service, a bicycle sharing service and a motorbike sharing service.

Tallinja Mobility e-Wallet

This is an electronic wallet which stores credit in the cloud and which is designed to make it easy for customers to use the bus and a number of other transport services. Customers may also order a physical Tallinja Card which is linked to the new Mobility e-Wallet should they want to use services such as the bus and the ferry which require validation using a physical ticketing machine. Customers can also pay for other services such as the Gozo ferry services and the Tallinja On-Demand service using the Mobility e-Wallet without a physical Tallinja Card.

Tallinja Pay App

The Tallinja Collect App unlocks a number of features with which to use the Tallinja Card and mobility e-wallet. Through the app, transport operators can accept payments for their service using the Tallinja Card. Operators can add any number of different routes, services and fares.

Tallinja Payment Platform

The Tallinja Payment Platform is the payment system which handles all the transactions and payments made with a Tallinja Card and Mobility e-Wallet. It includes fixed ticketing machines, portable ticketing machines and a complete payment management system which handles customer accounts, transactions and payments. It is designed to give transport operators access to the transactions and payments made for the services they offer. The platform offers an interface to connected service providers which allows them to monitor the transactions and payments made.

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